Next Season Beekeeping 3 Sundays $100 April-May


for beekeepers who kept at least one hive at least one season
Pre-registration & payment required.
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Next Season or INTERMEDIATE BEEKEEPING $100/ 3 weeks begins Sunday afternoons: 1 – 4 pm
for beekeepers who kept at least one hive at least one season

April 23 - 1 to 4: Colony Behavior Dynamics & Health Challenges
April 30 - 1 to 4: Apiary Management & The Northern Honey Bee
May 7 - 1 to 4: Extracting & Marketing Honey, Propolis, Beeswax
Includes One Summer Field Day: Date TBA - Held at the shop Teaching Apiary

Sunday, April 23, 1pm to 4pm

Colony Behavior Dynamics & Health Challenges - PowerPoint & video presentation

  • Unsustainable vs sustainable beekeeping – An overview
  • Why do bees abscond? learning from season 2016
  • Spring management – swarming with anticipation
  • Pantry & nursery - dance floor & cannery – the honey bee as cook, nanny, navigator, town crier & precision engineer - what to look for in northern survival traits
  • Honey bee pheromones – how to use good smells and avoid smelly mistakes


  • How to tell when something is wrong
  • Hive disease challenges in Northern New England – management techniques
  • Providing nutritious nectar & pollen sources – neighbor relations
  • How to avoid catastrophic mistakes when buying honey bees
  • From treatment free to pest control licensing & honey bee veterinarians
  • Saving some for the bees & understanding the harvest

Sunday, April 30, 1pm to 4pm

Apiary Management & The Northern Honey Bee – The class will practice putting a variety of beehive components together for a variety of apiary management plans. A Wonalancet Honey Bee Co New England hive with recommended tools will be available for purchase, but is not required.

  • Survival stats & beehive design - types & sizes for our unique Carroll County terrain & micro climate diversities.
  • Understanding “bee space” issues with backyard vs commercial or big box store hives.
  • Apiary location & how it impacts colony success


  • Our northern New England honey bee queen: not just another southern bell
  • Drone hangouts & bad blind dates
  • Making nucs and splits - Swarm prevention & luring techniques
  • Breeding northern disease resistant honey bees
  • Have plan – samples of New England beekeepers’ apiary seasonal management plans
  • Short flow – long winter: confining honey bees for five months in Carroll County
  • Furthering your beekeeping education – handouts

Sunday, May 7, 1pm to 4pm

Harvesting – This will be a hands-on class.

  • Harvesting honey
  • Mead making
  • beeswax – making candles & cosmetics
  • Propolis – harvesting, storing, processing
  • Selling your hive products

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