Beginner Beekeeping 3 Sundays $100 April-May


Pre-registration & payment required.
Call Athena 603 733-7736

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Sunday mornings: 9 - 12 noon

Dates: Apr 23, Apr 30, May 7 + Field Day TBA

April 23 - 9 to 12 Noon: Honey Bee Biology and Health
April 30 - 9 to 12 Noon: Apiary Management, Hive Equipment
May 7 - 9 to 12 Noon: Extracting Honey, Propolis, Beeswax
Summer Field Day: Date TBA - Held in the shop's teaching Apiary.

Wonalancet Honey Bee Co. 1805 Route 16, Center Ossipee, NH 03814
1st Season Beekeeping School 2017

Emphasis is on management of Northern, disease resistant honey bees
Lesson Outline – Students may make up missed classes in future sessions
Cost is $100 for the course.
Includes attendance at any open field day in the teaching apiary during bee-season

Sunday, April 23, 9am to 12 noon

Honey Bee biology & Colony Behavior Dynamics -

  • Unsustainable vs sustainable beekeeping – An overview
  • The honey bee super organism: colony behaviors
  • Our northern New England honey bee queen: not just another southern bell
  • Pantry & nursery - dance floor & cannery - honey bees as cooks, nannies, navigators, & precision engineers
  • Bee pheromones or why beekeepers never take bananas to work
  • Purchasing bees responsibly – what to look for
  • Where & when to buy Northern honey bees


Northern Honey Bee Health Challenges –

  • Predators of the honey bee & how to outsmart them
  • Hive disease conditions in Northern New England & how to avoid them
  • Short flow – long winter: Cultivating nutritious nectar & pollen sources
  • How to avoid catastrophic mistakes when buying honey bees
  • Recommended books for further studies

Sunday, April 30, 9am to 12 noon

Hive building & Hive Tools – The class will build a beehive and practice putting a variety of components together for a variety of apiary management plans. A Wonalancet Honey Bee Co New England hive with recommended tools will be available for purchase, but is not required.

  • The correct beehive types & sizes for our unique Carroll County terrain & micro climate diversities.
  • Understanding “bee space” needs in backyard vs commercial or big box store hives.
  • Finding a good place for your hive.
  • Hive tools & other basic equipment
  • Installing honey bees into a beehive
  • Seasonal inspections of your honey bee colony


Apiary Management

  • What to wear – black flies, heat, & bee suits – safe practices, affordable solutions
  • Baiting a swarm of wild northern honey bees
  • Feed your bees?
  • Springtime monitoring & precautions in our Carroll County climate
  • Winter preparations for Northern hearty honey bees

May 7, 9am to 12 noon

The Harvest – A hands-on class.

  • Harvesting honey – when & how
  • beeswax – making candles & cosmetics
  • Propolis – harvesting, storing, processing
  • Selling your hive products

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